A quilt with a story offers two layers of warmth. Peace Quilts® tell the story of a growing movement to mend communities, one stitch at a time. They are made by hand, by the women of Haiti as part of a growing effort to come back from the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. .

Colourful and unique, each Peace Quilts® is made using the same materials as the school uniforms of the children of Haiti. Every Peace Quilts® tells a story of vibrance and hope. Each is uniquely of the hand that made it. The proceeds from Peace Quilts® go back to the hands that earned them.

"Humanity is like a quilt. Many small pieces of fabric are joined together to form one beautiful unity." Sister Angela, Coordinator of training, Peace Quilts

Cameron Brohman taking delivery of new samples of Peace Quilts from the Sisters of the Marie Reine Immaculee School in Lilavois, Haiti.